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“Abode of live technologies”

AppCurators Technologies is the subsidiary of Gortnm Innovation Pvt. Ltd. We offer a set of applied science theories to provide the mass solution to tackle the global tech needs. We are incorporated in 2017 with our head office located in Noida. We are the abodes of all types of apps with multi-dimensional stretch up to Backend architecture development, Data science and analytics, Mobile application development, Web application development as well as hybrid and desktop application development.

Our services include software consulting, product development and digital transformation solutions with innovative technology adaptation. Our core expertise is consulting, implementation, maintenance & support, Security & migration of software services. Our expertise is within all technology spans such as Java, .Net, PHP, Node JS, react native and many more. The industries we catered are healthcare, banking, telecommunication, Information technology and retail and many more. We have been honoured with many awards and recognition with the tag of fastest-growing IT Company in India. Our unmatched commitment to the client makes us the best software company around.

Let’s Check Our Services

We provides products based on Web Application, Desktop / Software Application,
Android / IOS Application & FrontEnd / Backend Services to clients.


Backend Architecture Development

We provide server/backend services to the companies. Amazon web services, Node.js + MongoDB + ExpressJS, Python, Spring, Hibernate, etc are the major technologies we use for the Backend Services.

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Data Science and Analytics

Gortnm Innovations Pvt Ltd with a team of experienced professionals empowers the clients to make data-driven Business Decisions. With the help of the most advanced tools, we enable you to make the right decision.

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Web Application Development

We adopt holistic approaches that include frontend, backend, user interface, etc. while developing the web applications. The use of advanced technology like Angular, Node JS, and MongoDB enables us to develop best-fit solutions for the given business problem.

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Mobile Application Development

We use all available resources to make sure that our apps for Android and iOS will work smoothly on every device representing this popular platform. Our engineers utilise Java, C++, Swift, and a full stack of related technologies to provide customers with reliable solutions.

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Hybrid Application Development

Hybrid Applications bring better user experience across various devices. We utilise advanced technologies that suit your business requirements. We have experienced developers for React Native,Flutter, Ionic etc that offer right & cost effective solutions.

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Desktop Application Development

We use Qlt (C++ Framework), ElectronJS a framework of Node.js, Node.js, Python, Java and C# Technologies to build the desktop applications compatible with all platform / OS like Windows, Linux etc and Node.js, PHP, MongoDB, Python etc for their backend as per the requirements.

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Busyting project

“Find your dream job with a ting”

The best job search platform for both fresher and experienced candidates. It is a dynamic job solution engine for job seekers and job providers. It consists of a separate dashboard for the company and the candidate. The company can post multiple jobs with the unique concept of interview slots. There are chat options for applicants with concern head of the job provider. Applicants can share their proposals with the help of tasks provided by the interviewer. They can check the interview feedback and further process simultaneously. Candidates and job providers can share their views with the help of ratings and reviews. This platform is easy to access and it helps the talent search simplified with its policies and tools.

Take a look at our client & partners

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Khiladi Adda

Client name: Techbeliever Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Noida, India

It’s a gaming platform for all generations starting in 2019. The games are ludos, fantasy cricket, micro e sports and battleground mobile with quizzes and rewards. This is a free gaming zone where people can also earn money. It has more than 1.3 million registered users and 300,000+ monthly active users

Their process has:

  • Quizzes
  • Assured reward
  • Referral bonus and Instant withdrawal.

Technologies: Android, NodeJS, MongoDB, ExpressJS, Firebase, AWS, MongoDB Atlas, Redis

Rotary India

Client name: Rotary India Pvt Ltd.

Location: India

It is a social networking and search-based directory application based on features like club lists, social events, district events and district posts with the name of different assigned groups. A search engine based on location and preferences of events and news. Image and video uploading characteristics with activities related to different events with information sharing with the help of intelligent reports solutions.

Technologies: Android, Spring Boot, MySQL


Innovation M is a complete digital solution platform that deals in mobile apps and websites. Headquarter in Noida with a global presence.

Their core competency is staffing augmentation with a strong database and global reach. They are pioneered in staff augmentation projectwise and technology-wise. They are known for cost-effective solutions with a variety of workforce efficiency in all tech domains.


Client name: AquaAge Inc.

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Hadabon is a B2C cross-platform mobile & web application that connects users with experts (to find the perfect cosmetologist) and provides rich audio, video, and text chat experience from their homes. Users can book sessions with experts and can connect using their mobile devices including session extensions and much more. It is built on a scalable API-based backend & using state-of-the-art technology to support heavy traffic including the latest in microservice technologies.

Technologies: Android, Spring Boot, MySQL